Shows & Stuff

'Spring Surge / swell 

Argyle Fine Art recently hosted a show for me and my artist friend, Abigail Lower. It was SO. MUCH. FUN. 

Below are a few works from the show. 

If you want to see the whole body of work click here: 

THANK YOU Chelle for capturing everything perfectly. https://chellewoottenphotography.pixieset.com/melissatownsendart/ 

And Here's how you can find Abigail's work https://abigaillower.com

'Sing Your Song' 

Opened June 18, 2016 at Harvest Gallery, Wolfville, NS

Photographs of lamb composed by photographer & stylist Naomi Hill (Naomi Hill, Creative)


Come Awake, My Love 

What a wonderful opening! 

Here's the full show:

(and a few photos from the opening)

(48x48 inch, oil on board, 'Furious Love' -sold)

(18x24, oil on board, 'Come Awake, My Love' - sold)

(24x30 inch, oil on board, 'Boone' - sold)

(24x36 inch, oil on board, 'Mirabel' - sold)


Just for fun

A little something I'm currently working on.

Here's a painting I created in 2015. It came about as I was chatting with a dear friend (we were heading home and flying over Halifax). I could see beating hearts in all of the homes as we flew over. I imagined people's hearts as treasure; it was a liquid gold type of feeling... 

A New Day Dawning. 

24x24 inch, oil on board, sold.


Here's a couple of pieces on the go right now.

I usually have a few commissions on the go...working on this at the moment. 
Loving the purples. 


Some captures from the recent opening of 'Golden'

What a fun show!
I even met 'Amy' the dachshund dog and her dog-momma. 
I was commissioned to paint Amy a few years ago!


Live Painting

The day I painted at a wedding. Live painting is an unique way to capture your special day. Here is a couple of captures from the recent wedding of Danielle and Tim. What an honour it was to be part of this beautiful celebration.  

Thank you Yorke Photography

Here is the finished painting.

An Indie Wedding Social! (wedding show)

This wedding show was an opportunity to showcase the idea of live painting during weddings. See more images and blog post from my dear friend & photographer Nicole Lapierre. Here's a couple of photos from the show. I had so much fun!


What I love to paint.

1. Landscapes

2. Portraits

3. Abstracts