I can't help myself, I absolutely have to paint all of the things I love. 
Currently based in my Halifax Studio. 

A beautiful memory made

Sometimes I have the honour of 'do whatever you want' private commissions. While these are the most challenging pieces for me, they are my favourite. Nicole and Teddy are a very special couple to my husband and I...here's a story of the painting they allowed me to create for them.

Love from Blogger-land 

Do you know? Melissa Townsend by floral designer and interior stylist, Amy Beth
Artist Thursday with Melissa Townsend by Erica Eriksdotter  


Leaving her roots in sunny Alberta, Melissa packed up all of her favourite art supplies in search of creative adventures on Canada's east coast. In 2005, she graduated with her Degree in Fine Arts at the esteemed NSCAD University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

In 2012, Nova Scotia Art Bank purchased Melissa's work for its public working collection. Melissa's paintings can be found in private collections of respected actors, musicians, writers and art appreciators internationally.

Melissa is committed to producing work packed with promise and hope to engage the viewer physically, as well as emotionally. The thick brush strokes afford the canvasses a sense of depth and honesty as Melissa is always in process of exploring this subject matter.

Today Melissa lives with her husband and little boy in Halifax. She spends any free time she can find affectionately with her pencils and paints.

Photographs composed by photographer & stylist Naomi Hill (Naomi Hill, Creative)

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