Wildlife portrait series. 

An ongoing series that continues to explore hope not lost, 
the animals are portraits of resilience.

Contact the galleries (or myself) to see if any new works are available.

Here's a few images from Preshrunk which is an 

annual show at Argyle Fine Art.

Recent paintings of commissions & shows I've had.

Where the owls began

Top 2 fox photographs composed by photographer & stylist Naomi Hill (Naomi Hill, Creative)

Finding Home - the beginning (the first body of work I created)

I have always been very excited and interested in drawing. In 2009, as I began my journey as a professional artist it naturally started with a drawing series, Finding Home. This drawing series is keystone; it was the beginning place for me. 
Collectively, the Finding Home series suggests that there is a place inside of all of us that searches for deeper purpose. It's the secret place in us that longs to know greater love. Each piece in the Finding Home series speaks to this personal journey. Whether the journey takes somebody around the world, just down the street, or to the comfy chair in their own living room, there it is, your journey - waiting to be discovered. 
(All drawings are sold)

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